Alberto Mordoki

Entrepreneur with a Family Owned Business. Construction Consultant with expertise in drywall. Located in Fullerton, California.

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Alberto Mordoki discusses the evolution of his career and businesses to help aspiring entrepreneurs in the trades develop a plan for success.

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"Working with my wife, son and daughter, the company changed to a family business where we learned from them and they learned from us."

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"My name is Alberto Mordoki and I started my construction company in 2012 when I wanted to involve my son and daughter in my work."

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Alberto Mordoki


Alberto Mordoki

Alberto Mordoki started his construction company in 2012 when he wanted to involve his son and daughter in his business.  The company is involved in construction and drywall installation and taping as well as suspended ceilings for residential and commercial properties in Fullerton, California.

In the past, he was the owner of another drywall company, but at a certain point due to economic changes during a recession he got out of the drywall business and worked solo with a few helpers and subcontractors, working on fixer uppers, and working directly with homeowners.

The work consisted in all aspects of construction, from framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing drywall, painting, and finishes.

On several jobs we offered interior design helping homeowners decide what type of furniture and colors would be best for their homes.